Some writers have buried their stories in their bellies. Others have hidden theirs on their electronic devices. Only a few have had the balls to publish their stories. This article focuses on young Nigerian writers with enough balls to become authors.

Here are some of the author we have here on MyBuuk:


Isaac Newton Akah

INA, like he is now called, does a lot of writing, and half the time wishes he has a robot to read the words/thoughts from his mind and make them visible. He has written thousands of novels in his thoughts, typewritten a few, and has published as ebooks, two. Yeah, Isaac Newton Akah is the author of LIVING IN GIDI and WOMEN WE KNOW. When he isn’t doing any writing, trust, he is working with Fiery Film Company making films or, well, traveling.

He loves road travels (though he hates Nigerian roads), and has now set his sight on seeing more African countries. While on the road, he ends up writing through half the journey. He loves literary works as much as he loves screenplays.

He hopes to stair up some old dust with his next book.

We here are looking out for that.


Blessing Mary Ocheido

Blessing is a young pharmacist who published her first book at fourteen; a novella titled Thorns of Rose. She has always been fascinated with stories, reading them and writing them alike. When her nose is not stuck in a book, she’s penning down articles or stories, some of which have been featured in many a blog.

She’s also a movie freak with a passion for children and women rights’ advocacy. She’s presently working on her next novel.

Blessing Mary Ocheido is the co-author of the book, Memories of Tomorrow.


Ojo Taiye

Taiye was born and grew up in Kaduna. He currently lives in Agbor, Delta State. He is a poet, essayist, and teaches Tourism in Calvary Group of Schools, Agbor. His poems and works have appeared in journals like Kalahari Review, Brittle Paper, Glass Journal, Tuck magazine, Lunaris Review, Elsewhere, Eunoia Review, Lit Mag, Juke, Praxis Magazine and elsewhere.

Taiye Ojo is the co-author of Memories of Tomorrow.


Jerry Chiemeke

Jerry is a lawyer who resides in Lagos, though he yearns for the highlands of Enugu and the rustic roofs of Ibadan now and then. His works have been featured on The Kalahari Review, Brittle Paper, Storried, The Musty Corner, Syn City and Elsieisy. His editorials have also appeared on a number of online magazines, the likes of Viva Naija and True Nollywood Stories.

Jerry is currently a literary critic on Bagus Mutendi (a literary blog) and Okadabooks (an online publishing platform). When he is not busy sliding into Facebook inboxes or advocating for diversity in the composition of small chops, he debates with himself over the desire to write a full-length novel. He advocates for online weddings.


Chinyere Elizabeth Okoroafor

She is currently a journalist with The Nation, reporting on education. After secondary school, she did some acting in Nollywood. She attended Abia State University in Uturu, where she studied English and Literature. She also has a PGD in Journalism from Nigeria Institute of Journalism and a Diploma from Royal Arts Academy in screenwriting.

She is the co-founder of Chiche Drama Troupe. Abiana….Born To Die is her first drama book. After writing, her love is music, and she consumes them in all shades—blues, Jazz, R n B and anything by Bob Marley.


Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli

Chindindu loves to tell stories. As a child, she always longed for the living room where she gathered with her siblings to listen to stories from her mother. At other times, she listened to a popular radio program that aired on the Broadcasting Corporation of Abia (BCA): Nti nara rie. Nti nara rie is an Igbo phrase that translates to food for the ears in the English Language. Tales by Moonlight, regularly shown on all stations of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), on Sunday evenings; had her initiated into the love for stories.

Within the gates of a military secondary school, it became obvious she’d have to start writing her own stories. The school library became her hideout.  By the time she became an undergraduate of the first indigenous Nigerian university, she became addicted to Story Story. Story Story is a popular Nigerian radio drama that aired on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Now as a creative writer, she breathes words that inspire, educate, entertain and are memorable. As a content/story strategist, Chidindu helps writers, individuals and businesses create the most compelling stories that connect with their ideal audiences, create brand recognition and engagement.

Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli is the author of MY MAMA AND I.


Victor Daniel

While struggling with his grades as a law student in Kogi State University, he decided he was too smart to read law, so he started to write. His earliest attempts at writing came out straight embarrassing, even though his Facebook friends seemed not to mind. Overtime, he improved well enough to win a couple of unrecognised prizes and got a story published by The Kalahari Reviews. Author of two ebooks, he is still trying to get over the shock of how well they sold out. He’s a contributor to a number of Short Story Compilations, too. He’s from Ihima, an off-the-map village in Kogi State (and he’s not Hausa, please. He hates the assumption that Kogi is a Hausa state). His favourite indulgences are inexhaustible. They include traveling, reading (anything aside law books) and writing self-denigrating stuffs about himself. Out of a sheer obsession for Jollof rice and the want of self expression, he owns a personal creative blog

Victor Daniel is the author of BOYS’ NIGHT OUT and SOMEDAY, I’LL WRITE ABOUT US.


Feji Khan

Feji Khai is known for no other thing but writing. She is one and the same person as Bethel Fejiro Oshokhai who is of many parts, one of which is Feji Khai. With a second class upper, she graduated best in her class from the department of Foreign Languages and literature of the University of Port Harcourt and speaks French fluently. As a natural flair, she loves photography, loves to inspire people, sing and dance. She hails from Delta State of Nigeria and is married to David Victor Oshokhai. Feji Khai’s latest literary work is her novel, I SUCKLE MY OLD MAN. She has also authored two other books TWENTY FIVE and THE READY WRITER.

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