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We understand what readers want to do is just purchase a book and read. No one wants to be burdened with registration protocols on publishing sites. So, here, we provide you with just want you need.

Get on our site. Pay for our published book (with your card). Read the book. It’s that simple.

For authors, MyBuuk provides one of the easiest ways to self-publish your book. You can do this from the comfort of your home. Once on our AUTHORS PAGE, the steps are simple. Self-publishing here guarantees you a 70% royalty on all purchases, a promotion on our front page, and social media promotion of your book.

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MyBuuk ( is an online book platform that makes the publishing and reading of books easy. It prides itself as the three-click platform. Publishing a new title takes only three clicks. Purchasing a book equally takes only three clicks.

MyBuuk doesn’t bore readers with registration, sign up and sign in protocols. We know you may only be here to read a book, so we give you what you desire—the books! For publishing authors, you’ll have to register. How else can we pay your royalties?

Here, if you have been looking to read some cool books that you do not need to pay for, MyBuuk has got you. We have some of them. Just visit the site.

MyBuuk is here so every writer would have a platform that accepts them, that makes it easy for their works to be shared and purchased. Authors’ giveaway module can allow authors directly give a certain number of their books out for free.

MyBuuk can be reached via for inquiries and more information.

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3 thoughts on “Publish and Read Books on

  1. E. FRANKLIN says:

    Thank you mybuuk for coming to our rescue

  2. Thanks so much for simplifying things for us. The trouble is: I’m still looking for how to publish on this blog, plus the terms and conditions that apply. I’m really glad this opportunity has come. Please guide me thru the printing process.

    1. Chinedum Okerengwor says:

      Hello BeeBee, thanks for your comment. We would message you regarding guest writing on the blog, if that’s what you meant. Also, I’m afraid we don’t offer any printing service. is mainly an online platform. At least for now. Many thanks.

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