Isaac Newton Akah Teaches Free Screenwriting Class

Storyteller Isaac Newton Akah, the author of Living In Gidi and Women We Know, has completed a three-day free training of young Nigerian writers on screenwriting. The training started on the 4th of December, 2018, and ended on the 6th. The writer trained the young creative writers under Project Train 5000, an initiative that aims to train Nigerian youths in different fields through volunteers, with a view to making them self-sufficient youths. Project Train 5000 is an initiative founded and coordinated by Eniola Ennmae Adeniji.


Isaac Newton Akah says he is happy to have been an instrument through which knowledge was passed to the youths. He is even happier because of how much they grasped. He feels they are ready to write for films. With the right support, the storyteller hopes to train more youths on screenwriting and creative writing.

Izzy John


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