Why Do I Write?

It has become so much of a cliché when people say they write because the demons (some call it muse) in them won’t remain still. This write-up won’t, in any way, try to dispute this. But if we write only because the demons in us won’t stay chill, why then do people hardly publish their works under anonymity?

Admittedly, from time to time, we have useful things to say. On few occasions, we even come up with world-changing thoughts and ideas that challenge the status quo, that must be penned down. These things are good in themselves. We love to see the world change for the better. We want to be a part of it, too. This is why we write mostly.

Yes, we write not just to improve our world, but also because we are chasers of glory. We like to see our names in shining light, with crystal clear diamond medallions hanging down from them.

I have two published ebooks. Less than ten percent of my annual earnings come from these. Why then do I keep writing my own books? I mean, if writing books can’t pay the bills adequately, why do I insist on doing it? Certainly, it is rational to discontinue. But that’s not even an option.

You already should know why. I am a glory chaser. Inasmuch as my fingers can’t stay chill, I want my name to be one you won’t have to think too much to remember. Or one you’d readily say you haven’t come across. I write because it is relevant for me to leave a part of me. Yes, I feel alive when I write. You feel the life in my writing. When I am not here anymore, these words will be the only things living. The only life I have left. It is important to me that I don’t die after I’m dead.

This is why I write.


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