Isaac Newton Akah Gives Away 1000 Copies of Living In Gidi

MyBuuk author, Isaac Newton Akah, in June, 2018, started sending copies of his first book, Living In Gidi, to secondary schools across Nigeria, for free.

The book is not an academic book, in fact, it is a humorous book about life in Lagos, but Akah believes it provides an alternate form of learning for students. He believes its literary and entertainment value ranks far better than afang soup. And there is no soup like afang soup! Akah believes that by reading this book, school kids would be spurred to start telling stories about their local neighborhoods. “I believe every story is valid,” he said, “and should be encouraged to be told.”

The writing style employed in the book makes it easy to consume. Akah believes that a few years from now, teenagers will look back to how they started writing and remember Living In Gidi played a part.

In June, 2018, his dream was actualized. Akah’s friends on Facebook contributed about 250,000.00 of the 300,000.00 Naira needed to get the book published. In the same week, he called for school teachers and admins to apply to get copies.

Within a few months, Akah was about to circulate his book across schools in the six geopolitical zones in of the country.

Below are some of the photos of different schools happy to have received copies of Living In Gidi.

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