Isaac Newton Akah’s Free Audio Book Tackles Sexual Violence

The writer has released his second audio book after the attention-grabbing Bathsheba, and this time, he is bringing attention to a social issue that has refused to go away. The book is titled ‘At Your Peril’ and comprises of three short stories titled ‘Ayomide’, ‘Lubabah’ and ‘Uloma’.
In a Facebook post made on the 6th of February, 2020, he offered everything that is needed to know about the book and why he made it available to everyone to download for free.
“Sexual violence is a menace. In schools. At home. At workplace. Look around you – you’ll find cases of teenagers suffering, and with no clue of what to do about their abusers. In most cases, the abuses persist, and the abuser trot about freely. That it continues to fester is an indictment on us as a people. To help address this issue, I have now produced three audio stories. These are true life experiences. I want you to listen, be entertained, be aware and also informed on the practical steps to finding help and justice.
Because these stories are social construction/reconstruction tools, downloads are free. Also, sharing the audio links is necessary as I want everyone to listen.”

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