About MyBuuk

We understand what readers want to do is just purchase a book and read. No one wants to be burdened with registration bureaucracy on publishing sites. So, here, we provide you with just want you need.

Get on our site. Pay for our published book (with your card). Read the book. It’s that simple.

You can read on your mobile phones, or on your PC. And when you log out from our page, you can always come back and continue. Just keep your read code. You can also view our NEW TITLES

For authors, MyBuuk provides one of the easiest ways to self-publish your book. You can do this from the comfort of your home. Once on our AUTHORS PAGE, the steps are simple. Self-publishing here guarantees you a 70% royalty on all purchases, a promotion on our front page, and social media promotion of your book.

For inquiries and more information, send us an email via hello@mybuuk.com

It’s so cool to have you here.