Abiana… Born To Die
Chinyere Elizabeth Okoroafor


Pius will have nothing to do with idol worshipping; his mother in-law, Iyaji, is a pagan. As a devoted Christian, Pius must not allow her bring any meal for his daughter, Maria. Meal he believes is sacrificed to idol. Upset with his attitude, Anna, his wife confronts him and he beats her. Iyaji tries to separate them but she is pushed off by Pius violently. Iyaji challenges and questions his Christian belief and actions but he calls her witch. Meanwhile, Maria, their eight year old runs out shouting and pleading to unseen beings. Pius prays but nothing changes. A Reverend Priest is called to save the situation but again nothing changes. She runs away. Iyaji consults a diviner who reveals to her that the girl is a reincarnate of a lake goddess. She will not die if some certain rituals are performed. Eventually, Maria dies. The family must make up or break up.
Abiana is set in Oguta, in pre-independent Eastern region of Nigeria and written in English language that is simple and full of Igbo proverb and idioms. It dramatizes the conflicts between African traditional beliefs and Christianity. It demonstrates the capacity of love, faith, and unity to liberate humanity from the dire depths of such conflicts. More so, Abiana is an Oguta name for children who come and go.

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Author Information

  • Author display name: Chinyere Elizabeth Okoroafor
  • Author: obinanwa
  • Address: Imo
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