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When 15-year old Ayomide could no longer tolerate the abuses she faced in school, she decided to take on the school system’s hierarchy. This audio story portrays a fierce and strategic Ayomide in this win-it-all-or-lose-it adventure.

Ayomide is a part of the audio book ‘AT YOUR PERIL’ aimed at creating awareness on sexual violence in Nigeria. They are available and free for your downloads. Should you be moved to denote for the continued effort made toward putting forth projects likes this, please kindly do so.

Setting: Yoruba Speaking Community (Nigeria)
Cover Photo Credit: Isaac Newton Akah

© Isaac Newton Akah 2020. All rights reserved. This audio may not be used in a public address system or mass media without a written permission from the producer.

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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Ayomide

  1. Chidiogo Lilian Ezejelue (verified owner)

    Ayomide is worth the time spent listening to it. The story is well told and the background sounds give the impression that you’re watching a movie with your eyes closed.

    I especially loved the lessons in the story, and how it ended with useful information.

    Nice one Isaac Akah.

  2. Omolara Salami (verified owner)

    Thank you Isaac! There are lots of Ayomides out there but majority do not have this courage. I hope things improve and victims are emboldened to get justice.

  3. Owonipa Olufunke SuntropFiji (verified owner)

    Ayomide is the story of many girls in Nigeria some of whom their stories will remain untold because of societal response to these cases and backlash they fear they may suffer.

    Thank goodness therevare people and organization who have set themselves to be the hands of support for survivors and see to it that sexual violence against the girl child is brought to a grinding halt and that those who have suffered in the past recieve justice so that abusers no longer go unpunished.

    Thank you Isaac Newton Akah telling this story so beautifully and for the wealth of information on action plans in the case of an occurrence of abuse. Once again I say thank you.

  4. Ohikhuare Honour Chiagozie. (verified owner)

    I had little idea what I was in for until beautiful pieces from Ayomide’s imagination that had filled my head were replaced by Uncle Sam’s cruel whips of outright anger and hate. If I could, I’d have reached in and pressed Uncle Sam into oblivion.

    Ayomide is a story that tells the struggles victims of abuse face on a daily basis, the stigma they go through, and the fight to be heard above the thousand voices that try to drown out theirs.

    Ayomide is one of the best audio books I’ve listened to, and is totally worth every moment spent listening to it.

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