Living In Gidi
Isaac Newton Akah

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Living in Gidi is a collection of experiences from the lives of regular Nigerians who live in Lagos (Gidi). It follows the accounts on the streets, providing insight into this intrigue that is a city. It is written with a lot less seriousness, an irony Lagos would rather I avoided—if it could object. But I can’t make life any tougher than it is for Gidi folks, so these accounts are painted with a brush dipped in a gourd of humor. The book can only hope to be as interesting as the city is. The photos in the pages help project the images the stories are trying to paint.

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1 review for Living In Gidi

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    I moved to Lagos this week, more like first time in Lagos, not in transit. I remembered “Living in Gidi”, the ultimate manual. Lol. Everything you wrote is true oh, I am barely halfway.

    Today I got lost and conductor lied to me. Chei! I told him where I was going. He said enter. I did. Only for bus to stop me in one place lai dat which was not where I was going and the conductor ‘ran’ away as we were all asked to come down while bus was still moving. Is this how they use to do? 🙁 Your book is so hilarious, I am even trying to write ‘a day in Gidi’ inspired by your book.This place is crazy compared to the quiet Uyo I just came from.Your style of writing, I love. The book has helped me oh. Teinx so mech. :DPlease think of Vol. 2, after all manual fit get many volumes. 😀

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