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Filled with passion and purpose for her life, Lubabah finds herself fighting the same battle her mother fought…and lost – early marriage, sexual violence and a system that condones it all.

Lubabah is a part of the audio book ‘AT YOUR PERIL’ aimed at creating awareness on sexual violence in Nigeria. They are available and free for your downloads. Should you be moved to denote for the continued effort made toward putting forth projects likes this, please kindly do so.

Setting: Northern Nigeria.
Cover Photo Credit: Ilham Akbar Fauzi (on Unsplash)

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Lubabah

  1. Ohikhuare Honour Chiagozie. (verified owner)

    Lubabah took me to the North and back, sat me in her palms and spoke to my soul.
    A victim of a norm that steals and stills the many dreams of young girls, as it did the dreams of their mothers, Lubabah’s story is so many people’s story out there.

  2. Lilian Chidiogo Ezejelue (verified owner)

    The story of Lubabah is captivating, from the first line to the last fullstop.

    It was well told and the lines flowed seamlessly. The voice over artists also did an amazing job of pulling the listeners into the world of the characters.

    It’s a story thousands of Nigerian girls and women can relate to.

    It tells a tale of bravery, the courage to stand alone, and the faith to hold on to a dream even when the odds are not in your favour.

    From the start, I was hooked. I loved Lubabah’s accent but it’s the least of what I loved.

    In my opinion, Sekina is the hero of this story. A “wild” woman, her courage gave Lubabah the permission and strength to resist when her aspirations were threatened and that is why I say she’s the hero.

    Every minute spent listening to Lubabah was absolutely worth it.

    Also, look out for the useful information at the end of this audio book. It might come in handy for you or someone you know.

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