The Self-Promotion Handbook
Anita Jacob

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In this book, Anita Jacob breaks down the art of Self-Promotion into bite size pieces written in simple language and doused in humor. Learn self-promotion and launch yourself into the world for the right people to see.
You’ll want to read to the end.

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for The Self-Promotion Handbook

  1. Hollins

    It is simply amazing how Anita Jacob stylishly unveils and outlays the concept of SELF-PROMOTION in 6 concise but comprehensively written chapters.

    In the Self-Promotion Handbook, Anita carefully describes bit-by-bit, how Self-promotion is (and remains) a vital key for both career and personal growth.

    “It’s how you get noticed. This is to prod people towards making the choice of selecting you when they need someone with your skillset, knowledge, services, and/or products, letting people know that you’re the best for the job”.

    Each page gets you glued with interest and a thirst for more, like a delivered box of pizza

    The handbook educatively changes the unpopular but misleading opinion that Self-promotion is mostly a thing of pride and deafening self-trumpeting.

    Na lie!

    “When you begin to self-promote, people will say your light is hurting their eyes, but the right people will he drawn to that same light. The right people, … ”

    Anita also stylishly describes applicable methods of Self-promotion on Social Media in this enticing handbook.

    Do you love growth?
    Do you have some skills yet to be tapped from?
    Are you tired of watching others get selected for things you know you can do better?

    This book is specially for you!

    Get ready to shine your light.
    Light up the world!

  2. Ikpe Uche

    I immediately got the kind of hope and vibes I was looking toward to. A brilliant work done by bringing pen an paper together.

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