The Trials of a Bro
Isaac Newton Akah


Every drama begins with an undertone a discerning mind might detect…

But on this fine day, what Inah sort was a quiet little home to rent. Not drama. He had no way of knowing he’d run into a woman that reminded him of Nsala, his favorite soup. With colourful butterflies perched in his belly, dreams of a romantic bliss charged his cerebellum and guided his steps toward her.

But how was he to know she was The Landlord’s Wife?
And with her feelings burning wildly for him, trouble, like his shadow, was always lurking close-by.

In a utopian world, the solution to the love-drama triangle between Inah, the landlord and his wife, was Nsikak, The New Neighbor. But because the world, with a huge, fat glee, will offer you no breather, The New Neighbor was just the right recipe for new chaos.

More a Delilah than a Patience Ozokwor, the new neighbor was one more protracted trouble The Bro had to deal with.

The Teacher, a sweet human. Soft. Loving. But The Bro would give anything for a time-travel back to when he met her, so he’d remain at home instead and boil beans seed one by one.

It is often said that those who fail to embrace change would find themselves frustrated and in constant pain. And for those who would give in to change, it would come at a cost, but they’d be fine eventually. The New Path will see Inah making changes in his life, but the more things changed, the more they stayed the same.

This book is light-hearted, yet socially conscious. It is bizarre, yet relatable. It could even make you laugh. Actually, it will make you laugh. And, unless you’re Lai Mohammed, you can’t lie about that.

This book is not serious… so you won’t find it in the hospital.

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