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Uloma is not any other girl. While you’re yet more powerful than she is, and can hurt her as much as you wish, she’s taking records. And she will be taking only casualties… in her time.

Uloma is a part of the audio book ‘AT YOUR PERIL’ aimed at creating awareness on sexual violence in Nigeria. They are available and free for your downloads. Should you be moved to denote for the continued effort made toward putting forth projects likes this, please kindly do so.

Setting: Igbo Speaking Community (Nigeria).
Cover Photo Credit: Adrianna Van Groningen (on Unsplash)

© Isaac Newton Akah 2020. All rights reserved. This audio may not be used in a public address system or mass media without a written permission from the producer.

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1 review for Uloma

  1. Omolara Salami (verified owner)

    Goosebumps along my arms as I read. Thank God justice prevailed for Ulooma and Nnenna.

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